What is Interesting about History of the Internet?

I find it amazing that we can now connect to people all around the world. Facebook is a global platform and I use it to connect with family across seas.

However the thing I find most interesting about the internet is the fact we would feel lost or possibly bored if we were not connected to it. When the Wi-Fi goes down or we get a poor signal, it makes us very frustrated and some may use the phrase ‘we are in the 21st century, why do I have no signal’ – or something along those lines.

An online source [http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats.htm, accessed Tuesday 2nd Feb 2015] say that as of November 2015, Asia are the top internet users.
This surprised me as Europe’s percentage is lower than I thought and much lower than Asia’s percentage.

world internet stats

I find it astonishing that not even Asia at the top has a percentage of more than 50%. The main priority focus of the 21st century should be to ensure everyone in the world can have internet access and not to try and improve the current internet just yet.

The internet is ‘free’ to some extent, so everyone should be allowed to access it and most importantly, it can enhance learning and connect people, which is very important.


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  1. I too find it interesting how dependant on the internet we are, and I for one am forever using the phrase “we are in the 21st century, why does the internet keep crashing!?” Especially since living in halls.
    Whenever the internet seems to go down I find myself with nothing to do, even if I wasn’t using the internet as my primary source of entertainment at that moment. I could be sat watching TV and scrolling through Instagram, but the second the internet goes down, I find myself incredibly bored and lost for things to do. The show I was just watching no longer interests me at all and neither does anything else on TV. I feel as though this dependence that myself and others have on the internet isn’t necessarily because it is our only form of entertainment, but I think we have grown to need entertainment on multiple platforms at the same time. If I read a book, I’ll have Spotify on in the background, if I watch TV I’ll be scrolling through social media, if I go on a day out in london, I’l be snapchatting my friends. We, as a younger generation feel the need to be entertained on multiple platforms, and the internet always seems to be one of them.


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