The Internet and Counter Culture

By far the most surprising information for me was the involvement if the 1980s counter culture in the development of the internet, more specifically the involvement of The Grateful Dead.

The Grateful Dead helped to pioneer ideas of the internet as a place free of social conventions and a way to give the power to the people. Because of the influence of the Grateful Dead in the 1970s-80s counterculture and their endorsement of the internet, they made the internet ‘trendy’ so to speak.

Now, over 30 years later the effects that they had on the internet seem to be in danger of change. The introduction of data tracking being used to control the content we see is taking the power away from the people and putting it in the hands of media conglomerates. It’s starting to seem as if the sole purpose of the internet is now shifting from a free space to a commercialised space. Leaving me to wonder what the future of the internet is if this continues.

An article published by the Guardian speaks of high hopes for the future of the internet, in reference not only to The Grateful Dead’s visions of the internet and their openness to sharing their music on it, but also of the late David Bowie and how he believed the internet would change the music industry.



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  1. I like how you have covered negative aspects of the history of the internet as there are many dangers (such as data tracking as you mentioned).

    There is also now cyber crimes – which never used to exist before and people in even younger generations are able to hack people – which is obviously negative, but also are able to create apps and websites – a positive aspect but maybe not for companies in that industry.


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