The importance of the internet

One of the most interesting aspects of media history for me is the formation of the internet which we know today. We can not imagine life without delivering more and more news from all over the world, social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter and entertainment websites like YouTube. But do we really know how the internet works and what was its beginning?


The history starts in 1969 when four universities in the USA took part in an experiment financed by Advanced Research Project Agency(ARPA) and created ARPANET- first very simple web. However, the first website was created many years after, in 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee, one of the founders of World Wide Web.

Since the 90s a lot has changed, all the time we have discovered some new, interesting websites. I am sure that all of us remember that when we were kids, we were using the internet only for gaming or listening to some music, but this has quickly changed because we have discovered that we can find some useful information’s that were we needed to school.

So what is the internet really about? Discovering. But not just discovering the internet. It is about what we can discover thanks to the internet.


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  1. I think that you are right saying that the main purpose of internet is discovering. The amount of information and its variety available to us due to this invention is almost unlimited. In my opinion, internet encourages curiosity, because it makes it easy to research all kinds of information. Anything we might need to know is literally at our finger tips. Before the internet was invented in the form we know it today, the research required much more effort and time. However, as well as the internet is a useful tool to gain knowledge, it is also a source of entertainment. In many ways, internet seems to have replaced many traditional media such as TV, radio (you can listen to it online), maybe even cinema. Many people argue that we waste this great source of knowledge on watching Kardashians or funny cat videos. But I think the internet has multiple purposes and people should enjoy it any way they want.


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