What I found most interesting about the development of the Internet is how twenty-five years has brought about a cultural convergence, we are all able to use and access the Internet today regardless of how well informed we are on the technology behind it. Unlike the 1990’s, where users were described as being in a social inner-circle and mainly took on the form of being young and incredibly clever with technology. Now the user range stretches from children to the elderly, it is seen as a place of research, communication and entertainment for all social classes. The functionalities of the Internet are so useful that almost everyone feels the need for access; therefore it connects us all on a global scale.

With its invention primarily for governmental and military use, I think it’s important to understand how the ‘hippy culture’ took on an important role in the development of the Internet. The mid-1990’s saw this counter-culture pioneer the playground in which the Internet is today, helping to move the direction of the internet towards a sphere with more creative expression, developing games in where users assumed identities that differed from their own, breaking down social classes and creating more of a unity between the users. Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms are available for us to publish what we choose; therefore it could be considered that we assume our own identities on social media to showcase our own creative expression. This is worth thinking about as our social media presence continues to grow.

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  1. It’s interesting to think about how the internet and social media has brought many people together. We see social media being used to break down barriers between social communities a lot. I’ve certainly learned a lot just from following people on Twitter with whom I wouldn’t normally socialise.


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