The Development of Commercial Advertisement.

A concept I found most interesting about the development of the Internet is commercial networking. The first ad banner was created in October of 1994 by Joe McCambley, this banner is so simple, it’s a black banner with multi-coloured font reading “Have you ever clicked your mouse right here?” when clicked it would redirect you to his company webpage. As mentioned in ‘The History of the Internet in a Nutshell’ it was 1995 that the web became commercialized, this is when it became safer to conduct financial transitions (like credit cards) online.

The development from then to now is incredible, I remember when I first discovered what it meant to have cookies on a web page, I was looking online for my end of school prom dress, after a while I gave up and went onto YouTube to watch some music videos, sure enough all the dresses and websites I’d just been on were popup ads next to the video I was watching, at the time I was so shocked but now I cant imagine the web without cookies and advertisement. I only have to go onto Facebook to look at my online shopping history appear as banners on my Newsfeed. I even get emails from sites I never gave my information too offering me deals on items I’d searched the previous day. Of course in a lot of cases cookies have worked on me, and I’ve been willingly brainwashed into online shopping, however it does scare me how much I am tracked online by advertises and I hate to think of the incredible lack of privacy the future holds for online shoppers.



  1. I agree, I think it would be hard to imagine the internet without advertisements. It’s almost as if we’ve gone too far down this path and to go back would be strange. I also wonder, if the internet didn’t have advertisements how it would be funded, maybe something similar to the TV Licence. If so, I think I would rather deal with the advertisements as they are. Maybe not the pop-ups though.

    I too have been a victim of cookies. I have kind of a love hate relationship with them. In a way, I like that I’m being shown content that I would like based on my web activity. It helps to find things or even remind me of things I had previously looked at. Cookies, at least I think, we’re designed to be helpful not hurtful. The only thing that get’s a little weird is in the use of the data being tracked outside of something we would allow. I’m not even sure how that could be regulated.

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  2. Internet without adverts would be pretty much impossible to imagine, especially after being grown up with them. I find cookies extremely useful on sites such as Amazon due to being such a huge online store. For instance Amazon always remembers what has been added to my basket but haven’t yet purchased, which can be extremely helpful when returning back to the site. However my bank account doesn’t alway believe the same as me.

    I do agree with you though on the point about lack of privacy for online shoppers. Privacy on the internet just doesn’t seem to be an option anymore and I think it will continue on taking our privacy.

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  3. I totally agree with you. Online advertisements became kind of trap for the users. Personally, I hate this kind of adverts appearing on my screen. If I am looking for clothes or something online, I am going straight away to the website which is interesting for me. I have never followed the ads. I mean, it is just annoying to close few times the same advert, just because you have visited one website which has cookies.
    Also, I think that you are absolutely right when it comes to lack of privacy. It makes me scared, that the information about what we do online are collected. It is a big topic to discuss. Probably most of us asking ourselves the question, how should we protect our privacy online.

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  4. It definitely concerns me as to the lack of privacy we have online. I know companies use our internet history for sales purposes but it does make you think who can access your personal computer and how easy it is to gain information from this. These days, our whole lives are posted online and on social media. The majority of the time people don’t know how to access/change their privacy settings and still sometimes i wonder whether they actually do any good. I do question, will it ever get to the point (or has it already) where we have no privacy online at all?..

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  5. I feel like advertisement played a significant role in the development of the internet. The main reason for it is that it is the main source of funding for the internet content. It appears that people tend to think of the internet as a “free” commodity, but it is not so. It requires a lot of maintenace and work, both in technological and human terms. Therefore, if there was no advertisement and no cookies, many internet sources would seize to exist. The increasing popularity of adblockers damages organisations that provide information on their web-pages for the audiences for no charge. To continue doing so, someone has to finance internet resources and it can be either from audiences’ pocket or from company’s that advertises its products. For example, there are web-sites that allow free access if you watch adverts and also offer paid subscribtions with no advertisement.

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