Internet history and social media

The development of the internet has caused numerous new software and concepts to be innovated and invented. The one that interests me the most is social media. The rapid expansion of social media sites, how quickly it hooked the globe and how vast each network now is.

Digg was considered the first real social media platform. Formed in 2004 it was a website that facilitated news and provided a system for anyone to post, view and share the stories on the site. From this, sites such as Reddit and Yahoo were created, both of which are now well known and incredibly popular social media news sites.

The introduction of the more famous social media sites such as Facebook in 2005 and Twitter and 2006 paved the way for many new and sidelined concepts to really come into the spotlight. Citizen journalism being the main one. All social media sites allow anyone to post and share their own content. The speed and the brevity of the posts on these sites are what the more contemporaneity readers crave.

Finally, the power that these social media sites have accumulated in such a short space of time shows how influential the internet is and how quickly things develop and grow in the online sphere.


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  1. Totally agree. As a self confessed social media addict, I too think that the phenomenon of social media is an interesting one. When you consider that it’s the main source of news for a lot of people, as well as a place to meet friends, you see how vast and versatile social media is


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