Internet and dependency

What I find to be the most interesting thing about the internet  is how quickly its significance has grown and how dependent on it we are now. The World Wide Web was created in 1991, with the first web page being launched. Since then, it has grown and spread across the world incredible amounts to the point where almost everyone – in the western world at least – depends on it to communicate. The internet is no longer a luxury used to correspond with your grandma once every three months which requires you to wait half an hour listening to the horrendous dial-up sound of the 90s. It’s a necessity for most people. Imagine how difficult it would be to function in society today without wifi and your mobile. We use it for everything; keeping in touch with friends and family, finding new friends, listening to music, reading newspapers, researching information for homework, etc. The birth of social media and the invention of the smartphone were the catalysts to this level of dependency, in my opinion. Before Facebook, Twitter and Youtube grew to be as big as they are, the internet was something you might not use everyday, but would on occasion, to play games or send an email. Now, however, due to the convenience and ease of being able to send messages instantly to multiple people and access videos, we have become extremely dependent on the internet. Google and Wikipedia arriving in 1998 and 2001 respectively had an equally big impact on our changing use of the internet, too.


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  1. Being an avid user of the internet I totally agree with the point of dependence. No one our age will walk around without some form of device that is connected to the internet. The introduction of the iPhone and how that spawned a world of smart phones which is now become smart TV’s and smart everything, does mean that it is now easier than ever to use the internet. Our generation has grown up with these type of devices meaning that we do rely on them a lot. It’s a little bit scary to think what the future holds for our generation and whether the dependence we have to the internet will continue or will it eventually be the downfall.


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