History of the Internet

The thing I find most interesting about the history of the internet is how the internet has progressed in leaps and bounds since its birth in 1960’s with the first workable prototype of the Internet  the creation of ARPANET.

When I was an youngster, we used to have a computer room in my house. You couldn’t be on the phone at the same time as the internet, we didn’t have laptops and the only time you went on the internet on you phone you quickly closed the application and turned off your phone to make sure your mum didn’t get charged a fortune for 3 seconds of slow internet. Nowa days, the data allowance on my phone is the cheapest part of my phone bill, my laptop automatically connects wirelessly to the internet and if I want to be out in the middle of a field on my laptop, I can connect my laptop to my mobile phone and use my 3G allowance to surf the web. The internet has come a huge way in just the decade that I have been using it, and that astonishes me. I am so excited for where the internet can go, and how it can improve the life of the people it reaches. I am an avid user of the internet. I am forever connected to the internet, whether that be on my laptop, or phone, or streaming shows on my tv. The internet engulfs my life and what interests me about the internet is how it is going to mould our life in the future.



  1. I am connected to the Internet all the time as well. The fact that amazes me the most is how the information between different devices can be shared. For example, you can take a picture on your phone and after a minute see it on your laptop or even TV. The Internet helps us to reach other people or the information in a minute, I am looking forward to seeing what happens in the future.


  2. I can also relate to having a computer room in my house and can remember the arguments when people used the phone at the same time. It is crazy how we are in the generation where the internet has evolved to what it is now. The cross compatibility with so many devices and, as you mention, ease of access to the internet is kind of taken for granted. Most public places like restaurants, shops and tube centers now have free WiFi for everyone to use. This highlights the vast growth of the internet over one decade.


  3. I completely agree! our generation has grown up alongside the internet, we’ve seen it grown and learnt how to use it whereas older generations saw the start of this revolution but the majority couldn’t keep up with the ever-changing advancements. I know for a fact, if I asked my grandparents to take my phone and laptop to the middle of a field, they wouldn’t be able to use it!
    It is fascinating what we can do now but I’m hoping in 40 years time I will myself have kept up with technology. Im scared that the next few generations will be introduced to more advanced technological advances but this will over take my capabilities. Fingers crossed i’ll be a tech wiz grandma…


  4. yes, it is crazy to look ten years back and realise how much has been changed in terms of how fast everything has been developed since the start of the commercial usage of the internet by us (the public). No-one ever imagines the things we have now to even be possible. And from year to year we are becoming faster and faster. one example for this is the – in the seminar discussed – hologram idea that is actually developing extremely fast and in a few years time we will be able to use human grams to project our friends in the same room that we are in.

    So will not only be connected all day long 8and every day anymore), everything will reach an extreme. An extreme that will probably be normal for our kids and our grandkids will think we were crazy still using wires and chargers.


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