Created Through War

What I found most interesting about the history of the internet is the idea of freedom being achieved through the act of war.  It’s hard to believe that something that has been invested into modern society was largely developed through the American’s military fear of the unknown, and their desire to have the best form of defense. Major developments such as coding and access points were a result of wars and helped the internet develop into a web based community which promotes unity.

This community was form through its commercialisation in 1995 and was the beginning of the public’s control over the internet. It became a source for information, communication and a profitable platform for businesses of which individual felt liberated. Especially since the formation of social media platform such as facebook and twitter which offer the public the option to express their opinions and read others. Allowing indiviuals to have better judgments on situations which effect them directly such as politic.

This concept of liberation through disruption fascinates me as I question whether the internet could of been founded on a more peaceful premises. Or whether the wars which influences different aspect of the internet was essential to its rapid transformation.


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