What more can we expect from the Internet?

It is interesting to see how far we have come; how much we use the internet and the evolution of the internet itself still amazes me today.  If you look at the timeline we went from having the “Arpanet network” in 1970 to the development of SEO such as Google, which have all had some form of impact in shaping the internet that we know of today. In today’s society virtually everyone is connected to the internet through many technological devices i.e. smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers (of course).

However, the current existing issue with the internet is going to be this difficulty of developing that next idea that is likely to impact the way in which the internet functions. The internet Election in 2008 in America was a great concept in creating that interaction for voters. The internet has a vast audience as there are so many people connected; they can share anything in an instant if it has influenced them in some way. Anything on the internet can lose interest or value very quickly if there is something new; for example, MySpace was successful in 2003 but overtime Facebook became popular and the introduction of twitter made it seem as it is futile to mention it.


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