Product of the Military

So the Internet is a product of the military. For me, definitely one of the most interesting facts – which everyone should keep in mind. This simply shows the immense impact of the government on the internet (and therefore on our daily lives) that no-one really wants to see the dimensions of.

It is also emphasised in Misunderstanding of the internet (by Curran, Fenton and Freedman).

The main users may have changed from the military to each individual of the public (in the Western World at least). But the military has never stopped using and developing the internet. Which is why I think it really can’t be seen as a voice of freedom. We are being monitored by the government and told off as soon as we say something inappropriate.

Let’s carry the thought a bit further and look into the future. Just imagine how the internet (‘slash’ government) will be able to control society when the Internet of Things had been implemented; for example how a war would look like – when every object is smart thanks to implanted sensors.

And we don´t even have to involve the Internet of Things just yet. Because here and now might already be alarming enough, for the moment.

Anyway, the point I want to make: the internet`s military background is not really surprising, it rather explains our current situation. And, should make all of us a little bit concerned about the developments yet to come – because we are becoming more and more oblivious to the internet.

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  1. The problem with today’s technological age is that we are told that we have a right to privacy but if you think about the amount of things that we do every day online is mindboggling. I personally used to fill out my oyster application through the post office; but it is much easier online. It is quicker and much faster to do in comparison to something that would take about 10 minutes just to wait to pay for it. The majority of us order online so our card details cannot necessarily be secure online; what we pay and how much we pay is monitored, who we speak to, the type of videos we watch are all monitored. There was a recent law introduced by the government in the UK where they can look at what website we have visited but apparently they are not “allowed” to look at the content we looked at. All of personal information is pretty much on the internet; the amount of times you had to enter your address, phone number; these small details make up our privacy our “freedom”. But, I don’t think we should be really concerned if we have nothing to hide, so in that sense there should be nothing to fear about this monitoring. It is one of those things people would complain about if something happened and we didn’t use it.


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