Do we live in a mediated world?

The internet then and now has taught me many interesting and surprising facts on the history of the internet. The area in which I found most interesting was the overall development of the internet and web pages.

I still find the first ever web page created at CERN in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee fascinating, due to the simplicity of the web page. Twenty-Five years onwards to 2016 and we now have an enormous social networking platform including, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Instagram is known by the majority of modern society and is an online smartphone based app, created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger October 6, 2010. I was first introduced to the app 2 years ago, when I was fascinated with the life of celebrities, obsessing over their clothes and makeup.

The trend setting app is mediated by celebrities such as the Kardashians. It still amazes me that Kim Kardashian has over 50 million followers, allowing the public eye to follow her everyday actions through photographs and videos. I find it interesting at how the development of the world wide web’s first online page is so different to todays development of Instagram, which is based on a smartphone app, allowing society to interact with each other. We live in a mediated world, which I often wonder what the future holds for the development of the internet. Will it become more mediated? Or has it reached the end of development?


  1. I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that by just a click of a button, one can share the most intimate and cherished daily events across the globe within minutes!

    I do think however, this is just the beginning – Media has not reached the end of its development. I’ve always believed that if its only taken a few decades in getting from a computer that occupies an entire room to a device that you can slide into your back pocket, further into the future some other brainiac will want to present to the world the next best thing.

    Another thing that I’ve always been captivated by is the fact that for some reason, many devices seem to get smaller, then bigger, smaller then bigger – Do you remember the Nokia 8210’s? What an invention! – That makes me feel so old! And not I’m not telly you how young I am!

    Like I said in my blog post, the next generation haven’t got a clue, but there will definitely be something from this day and age that they recycle to help better their society. Once again, our generation has already done it and previous generations before ours.

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  2. I completely agree with you, the world we live in has become completely mediated, you can use social media like twitter, Facebook or Instagram to find out pretty much anything you want about most celebrities everyday lives. I could easily find out my favourite celebrities diet, makeup styles, favourite clothes, holiday locations etc are, without having to even look properly. It isnt even just celebrities, over the last few years everyone has started sharing everything they do with anyone who wants to see over social media. The majority of social media users, including myself, decide to rid themselves of all privacy exploiting themselves for likes.I dread to think what the future holds for the web and social media.

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