The Obsession of Social Media

One of my main interests surrounding the internet is the advancements in social media and how much we all now rely on it.

My first memory of social media was in 2008, I’d just started secondary school and within months I was begging the mother to allow me to get a Facebook profile because “I was the only one without it,” I wasn’t, but I didn’t want to miss out on the latest craze.

Eight years on and I’m totally engrossed in the concept, and sadly – would find it incredibly hard to live without.

Twitter was created in 2004, when Jack Dorsey tweeted “just setting up my twittr.” I’m sure that when Dorsey sent that tweet out, he had no idea how many people would become obsessed with his idea.

The thing that amazes me the most is the concept of ‘citizen journalism’. This first become apparent in 2009, when user @jkrums tweeted about the US Airways plane crash and broke the news before the traditional media.

Now, users are constantly doing this and it opens the question of whether news sources will have to start competing against ordinary people like us on the social network.



  1. 100% agree!

    I definately believe that many news outlets have caught onto the fact that Twitter is now becoming the primary source for locating news. For example BBC News have a standard page for sharing news stories, but also a dedicated page for ‘breaking news,’ along with Sky News and many others. I think the intention is to be attractive to the modern day reader, which I believe it is, however the circulation of the newspaper has still yet, a few more years amongst us.

    I think I’m a prime example of this as well! I know its gossip (DON’T JUDGE ME!) but the first thing I did when I heard about the Kanye West, Wiz Kahlifa and Amber Rose clash was to see what was trending and by the time I had reached the page, it had received over 2 million hits world wide!


  2. The idea of citizen journalism is one that I had always thought reaffirmed the idea that the internet handed power to the people. But, after Doug’s lecture and his thoughts that instead of us being freed from the power of media conglomerates that we are in turn working for them and creating content without being payed has me wondering if it is not as freeing as I had originally thought.

    It is hard to say though, when there are opportunities to be payed for the content you make for a website like many YouTubers that earn money by putting advertisements on their videos and earning per view.


  3. As technology becoming an essential part of modern society old forms of media are adapting to the changes in how we gain information and entertainment. I believe that news story do compete with the technology but also embrace it . An example of this is when news outlet incorporate social media into their stories to engage with their audience as well as verify what has been said. I don’t believe anyone will every fully trust any form of media and therefore will always need a variety of mediums to form a fair perspective.


  4. Social media has become this aspect of the internet where people have become engrossed in it and you could argue it has become something people cannot necessarily live without, businesses take advantage of this fact and all they do is promote their products online. The idea of citizen journalism is there, which will always question the role of a professional journalist. But I can’t exactly call it journalism if someone happens to take a photo of something by chance; there was one time where a man tweeted about the helicopters flying in the middle of the night, he did not know this was the team sent to assassinate Bin Laden. That person to me is more of a witness rather than a “journalist” because he did not exactly know what is going on, he just commented on something he heard. Journalists who have been working in the industry for many years are still needed to work out the facts as it can become difficult for people to determine what is the truth as there is so much information out there.


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