History of the Internet

A great interest of mine is video calling, especially in how far its come.

I remember when Quickcam was created by Logitech: a triangular base with a round headed video cam – for those that don’t know. If you didn’t have one sitting on top of your computer desktop screen, your camera quality was bound to be crap.

Fenton and Freedman spoke about this, in Misunderstanding The Internet when explaining technical development and it playing a major role in the development of the internet. They say that building the international telephone network lead to rapid global expansion, which I completely agree with – because now, in more recent settings, Viber, another fascination of mine, not only allows to video call, but also explores fresh new relationships! They call it “Public Chats.”

The history of the internet has brought about so many ways in which we operate today – We can now listen to the radio without switching a dial, even on your mobile phone or laptop!

The next generation doesn’t know it yet, but there will definitely be something from this day and age they will recycle to help better their society. Our generation has already done it and previous generations before ours.



  1. I definitely agree with the point about building the international telephone network. International texting apps such as VIber, WhatsApp, and LINE make it easy for people to communicate freely without worrying about expensive international charges. Having the ability to keep in touch with friends around the world promotes globalization encourages people to interact with people of different cultures.

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  2. It’s almost guaranteed that our generation is going to leave a massive impact on the internet and the way that we use it. As we’re living through the time and not reflecting on what’s changing, we don’t notice how much has changed in the past 10 years – we just accept it. Relating to your point on radio, it’s mad how 15 years ago we’d be carrying one in our pockets, along with a camera, watch and probably a notepad! Now it’s all one device, it’s hard to imagine how it can get any better – but I’m sure that’s been said in the past!

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  3. People of younger generations find it unusual that phones and laptops didn’t have cameras built in. In my last year of secondary school I would see year 7s with the newest iPhones which I would find unusual as in year 7 I had a flip phone.

    I do agree that something is likely to be recycled by the next generation to help better society, however it’s unlikely anything is better than a ‘body to body’ conversation.


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